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Kitou Shinri

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Hmmm [13 Jan 2008|01:43pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

This should be the only public post in this journal right now. I don't want to sound to superstitious or anything, but I've always left my journal posts public simply because of a feeling I had of "find me". Maybe it was just loneliness and wanting to know more people -- but somebody HAS found me, so I kinda get the feeling that the whole "public" thing has outgrown its purpose. I do not regret said person finding me, but I do not think I want to leave this window open for anybody else to crawl through.

I hardly use this anymore :) but Jess, if you actually visited this journal (I don't know which one you located me from) then feel free to make an account and add me as a friend. Then you can see them all over again.


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